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2023 Team Registration

RMHN Member & Team registration is now open for the 2023 calendar year. As a reminder, RMHN Membership is an annual fee of $45 per member and all 2022 memberships will expire on December 31, 2022. 

Team Leaders/Admins: To register your agency's team, please use the below 2023 Team Registration Link.

2023 Training Calendar

  • March 14: 9AM Phone Scenario with Paid Actors: RMHN will coordinate a training location, hire paid actors, and provide a detailed two-hour scenario for you team. One member of each team will be at the designated training site with the actors while the remaining members of your team participate from your own agency's location.

  • March 14: 1PM Phone Scenario with Paid Actors

  • June 13: RMHN 1-Day Technology Seminar: CANCELLED

  • September: RMHN Training Conference: We are currently working locking in a location for this 2.5-day event, which is tentatively planned for September 6-8. Registration for this event is not included in your membership but RMHN members do receive a $50 discount.

  • November 14: 9AM Phone Scenario with Paid Actors

  • November 14: 1PM Phone Scenario with Paid Actors

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